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If you are an accredited media member on working assignment we invite you to cover our show and will have credentials for you upon arrival for guaranteed and immediate entry.

PLEASE APPLY by 4.28.17

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VIDEO, AUDIO, PHOTOGRAPHY AND INTERNET REGULATIONS TO: ALL NEWS MEDIA OG Moto Show, Inc. and The Container Yard exclusively retains (or otherwise has the rights to) all broadcast, cable, video and intellectual property rights emanating or derived from its events, including, without limitation, all images, audio, internet content, streaming video or other mediums, whether now or hereafter created on the property). Any rebroadcast, reproduction or otherwise any use of the event, including, but not limited to, filmed, videotaped or Internet related material(s) gathered on-site is prohibited without the express written permission of OG Moto Show, Inc. in each instance. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all rights in and to the event shall remain the property of the OG Moto Show, Inc. and The Container Yard e.g., research, dubbing and shipping. The foregoing right to use the property must be requested in writing and shall be subject to all terms and conditions herein (terms of use). THE USE OF DRONES IS PROHIBITED. ALL BROADCAST, AUDIO AND INTERNET RELATED COVERAGE AND/OR COLLECTION OF MATERIALS, INCLUDING HIGHLIGHTS, IS PERMITTED ONLY UNDER THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS UNLESS OTHERWISE AUTHORIZED IN WRITING BY OG MOTO SHOW, INC.: Video taped, filmed or audio excerpts of the event may be used only by the news organization, sponsor or manufacturer's representative(s) and solely for news purposes in the recipients regularly scheduled television, radio or Internet programs up to 30 days after the completion of the event. Highlights from the event used for news purposes may not exceed five (5) minutes per hour. Highlights may not be sold or traded to any other entity (or individual) for any reason. Further, no footage may be inserted in any commercial announcement or sold to any other broadcast or sponsor/manufacturer/team-related entity, agency or individual. Neither this license nor rights granted by OG Moto Show, Inc. may be assigned or otherwise transferred in any manner without prior written consent of OG Moto Show, Inc. in each instance. No television station, national network, local cable channel or sponsor/manufacturer may incorporate, superimpose or 'burn in' to any highlight a logo, trademark, advertisement or other graphic without prior written permission from OG Moto Show, Inc. REGARDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Photo credentials will be issued to personnel on assignment from recognized and accredited publications or news services. Requests for credentials must be made by the appropriate news outlet, not by the photographer, unless otherwise approved by OG Moto Show, Inc. in writing. Photographers are reminded that OG Moto Show, Inc. and The Container Yard holds all trademarks and copyrights to its events and as such photos taken or depicting those trademarks and copyrights of the event, its venues, art work, sponsors and trademarks can be used only for news and non-commercial/non-retail promotional purposes, which are in keeping with prevailing moral and ethical standards within the community at large. Any other use must be approved in advance in writing by OG Moto Show, Inc. Photo Licensing Rights provide the photographer with a limited, non-exclusive, revocable right to sell photo prints of any copyrighted OG Moto Show, Inc. event at retail to the general public or in the case of commercial license, to entities using such photography for commercial and/or advertising purposes. Photographers not purchasing Photo Licensing Rights are prohibited from selling images via retail or commercially without first submitting a specific request in writing to OG Moto Show, Inc. in advance to arrange a separate license fee pertain to said use. The Licensee acknowledges that, while the photographer owns the physical (or electronic) photograph and copyright thereto, OG Moto Show, Inc., the Container Yard and respective artists owns, in perpetuity, the intellectual property and copyright to the content of any photography taken inside the event venue. Therefore, no sale of such photography would be permitted without a license from the event organizer. The credentialed individual/entity has rights only with respect to photography and has no rights with respect to any other form of media without prior written approval by OG Moto Show, Inc. in each instance.