2019 artists

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Benedict Radcliffe works across a wide spectrum of disciplines, creating everything from cars and bicycles to furniture and household objects, as well undertaking various architectural commissions and signature sculptural pieces for clients across the globe.

He has received commissions from Comme des Garcons, Puma, and Paul Smith to name a few.

Radcliffe left Glasgow in 2007 and set up a studio in London. His clients include a broad range of the best known and most prestigious brands in the world - from manufacturing and technology to transportation, fashion and the luxury goods sector.

Radcliffe was heavily involved in 2012 with Honda’s dream factory and named as one of its twelve ‘Cultural Engineers.’

He has been invited to exhibit and talk around the world and his work is held in private collections in Europe, America, and Japan.




Tomas Pajdlhauser is an artist and Creative Director based in Ottawa, Canada and co-owner of Birling, a local skateboard brand and shop. By day, he’s an Art Director for animated TV shows and movies and has worked with clients including Disney, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, and Mattel. In recent years, his focus has shifted to projects that combine his love of moto adventures, travel, and the tactile elements of the design process. His work is based primarily on lived experiences captured on-the-go in sketchbooks.





Tyler Cornelius was raised in Southern California with oil in his blood and innovation in his heart. Raised in the motorcycle industry and racing since the age of 5, he knew he’d grow up following his father’s footsteps, designing and creating motocross products for the world’s fastest racers.

After graduating from Transportation Design at Art Center College of Design in 2010, he moved to Detroit to work for General Motors in their Advanced Design Department. After a short stint in the motor city, he left GM and headed back to his passion in the moto industry, working with Troy Lee Designs, Alpinestars in Italy, EVS Sports, and now Thor MX in San Diego.

Back in Southern California, Tyler is fulfilling his dream of working for a cutting edge motocross brand, teaching Product Design at Art Center, and letting that oil burn, on and off the track.





He studied art, graphic design and photography, his work is developed in different fields such as painting, photography, graphics and design. Multifaceted in its themes and techniques, his work is a reflection of his thoughts and visions of the worlds in which he lives.





Graduate from the Academy fo Art University of San Francisco. Graphic Designer by day, freelance illustrator and muralist by night. Father of two.

I like to hide in my garage, play metal too loud, screen print, make zines and take long trips on my motorcycle.






Doug Breuninger is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He is a rare breed in the automotive / car world in that his passion for art blends seamlessly with his love of aftermarket design. However, what he is known for these days is his Notable Rides, a Post-it series of cars he has been working on since 2013. 230 plus Post-it paintings later, He is still at it mastering his craft and indulging in his affection for traditional technique. For OG Moto Show 3, he's excited to step away from 4 wheels for a bit to show his appreciation and add some 2 wheel machinery to his plethora of work.




My passion is for speed & style, with en emphasis on respect and tradition.


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All my life I have enjoyed sketching, drawing and painting. I was lucky to make a career out of it for 35 years as an industrial designer. For 18 of the 35 years I was a footwear designer at Nike. Now that I have retired I have a drive to draw and paint one of my favorite subjects, motorcycles.

The work on display is all digital and created on my iPad. I like to create drama and emotion in my artwork. You can see all my latest work on fineartamerica.com




I moved to Southern California 20yrs ago to enjoy the year round riding weather and participate in the Moto culture that surrounds this family. With a background in publication design and experience custom painting since my teens, I've been privileged to work with some of the finest bike builders during my journey. While not restricted to just bikes, I love introducing my art onto helmets, canvas or anything that sits still long enough.

Currently I'm focusing on fine art and have exhibited my notion of this culture into a Moto Art theme that carries iconic images from the past to present. I find inspiration from everything and relish the opportunity to translate onto whatever "canvas" lays before me. The challenge to incorporate out of the norm ideas into a visual reality keeps me on my toes daily.

Thankfully these gifts and ideas can be shared with the Moto community and my rewards are the excitement and smiles it creates for those viewers!


Or email for commission: waynewreck@gmail.com



Industrial Designer, Illustrator, and Motorcycle enthusiast living in Pittsburgh, PA.




His love for art & design originates from his father, once a technical drafter creating blueprint drawings before computer aided drafting software existed. After studying Transportation Design at Art Center College of Design, he has worked at various companies ranging from Mercedes Benz, Oakley, and Intel.

Technicality in products that convey emotion of speed is what excites him about motorcycles. How form and function come together into an art piece and the lifestyle environment that surrounds it.




Jason is a designer, concept artist, photographer and educator based out of Los Angeles. Originally from San Francisco, he moved to Pasadena to study Transportation Design at Art Center College of Design.

His career started as a concept artist at Walt Disney Imagineering, R&D. Since then, his experience has grown to designing in the fields of video games, animation, theme parks, TV, VR, & advertising. Currently, he works at Treyarch/Activision as a Senior Concept Artist and teaches in the Entertainment Design program at Art Center.

Growing up around cars and motorcycles, he has always had an interest in vehicle design. Over the years, his creative interests have expanded to encompass all things industrial, graphic, and cinematic. In his work, he hopes to connect people and riders alike, by sharing visual stories through a cinematic lens.




Line / Distance / Time / Moment

The motorcycle, its construction and purpose is a metaphor for life. Each engine creates its own “big bang” with many repetitions along a timeline. Raw materials are engineered to sculpt its individual anatomy that all work in sync with each other, or not, to create energy and movement. Yet without human interaction they are static. The heart of the machine is still.

Open the throttle and hear the dragon awaken, tempting you to jump on its back and fly. Respect the dragon, for it can cause injury or certain death if taken for granted. Be mindful of the way. Ahead, to the sides and not too much behind you. And its shadow. The dragons physical beauty and power is a heady brew that must be respected.

Street art textures, natural forms and architecture all have an influence on my design ideas. Also the Japanese Tea Ceremony and its three formal elements combined have a massive influence on my compositions. The grid also plays a huge part in what I do regarding placement of formal and informal elements

Substrates include metal, wood, paper, collage and found materials. I love texture and decay. I love the combinations of tight lines and edgy textures. “Wabi Sabi” sensibility is a major passion of mine through my work and everyday life. The aged and the new in union.

My recent Motordrome project tries to visualise centrifugal forces that these pioneering motorcycles and riders had to endure. Travelling at high speeds, on splintered wood planks, brakeless and at severe angles they raced to a finish line. Shrimp Burns after falling off at high speed couldn’t wait to get out of the hospital to get back to the race. Battered and bound he got back onto the dragon and flew. Such passion or foolishness. Either way totally focussed!

Having retired from many years of teaching formal art at college/university level I have studied many art movements. Their unique qualities and the impact they have on societies. The context and the personal developments each artist has to endure to fly with their work. This relates so much to the individuals who build their motorcycle masterworks and to me as a graphic artist.

The format for the Motordrome project is based loosely around religious iconography and the Triptych. The trinity of three motorcycles in union and the energy flowing throughout. I do see similar qualities in how riders worship their motorcycles and the bond between human and non human. A common theme of spiritualism

Max Hazan noticed a different approach to how motorcycle art is created when seeing my work and has helped me to raise awareness of who I am visually. He was the first person I approached with my work and has been so encouraging and amazingly supportive to me.

I want to take a “moment” to send love and light to these people who have noticed a different misfit in me on the block. They have befriended that misfit and encouraged me to continue my art. Their support and friendship is so empowering. Micheal Ulman, Craig Rodsmith, Marc Parker, John Klomp, Jerry Cupp and XTRPepo Thankyou!!!!

The subjects that I select to paint are also in flux and I intend to create outcomes that are purely abstract and are energy driven. Still focussed on the object passing you at speed and the disruptive patterns made by that machine in whatever form







Nicole Andrijauskas is an artist whose paintings adorn motorcycle helmets, tanks, canvas, and walls.

Her work focuses predominantly on the intermingling of desert species and botanical images, usually connected by well known catchphrases. Highly detailed, colorful, and clever, it stands out from typical motorcycle iconography.

Andrijauskas has exhibited work in San Francisco, Mendocino, Sonoma, Vancouver, and Portland galleries, as well as a variety of motorcycle shows all along the West Coast. She is currently based in San Diego, where she works full time as a freelance artist and teaches motorcycle instruction classes part-time.




Gary Musgrave (b. 1979) was a Southern Californian born artist who contributed to the commercialization of the nonsensical. Visual imagery being his most common vehicle for communication, his work has often been described as “really neat” and “pretty cool”. He was best known for not knowing what he was talking about with extreme enthusiasm. Educated by the public school system, he was genuinely underwhelmed. In 2006 he enrolled in a fancy pants private art school (Art Center College of Design) and was much more pleased with his experience. After graduating he worked as an errand ape to popular artists: James Jean, David Choe, and Jordan Crane. In tandem, he developed a freelance career in editorial illustration, and later was a founding member of the muralist trio the Draculas. In 2013 he became an instructor at California State University Long Beach. His death is still veiled in mystery as evidence leading up to the event have yet to be uncovered, nor a date of death to be found.



Pinstriper, painter and artist.

Grew up around hot rods and lowriders. My influences come from all over the spectrum. Father of 3 great kids and the best grandson ever.

Painting is my get away. Turn on the Pandora and sit back get motivafaded and see where the art leads me. Could be pin-up art or laying patrons on a helmet or busting out a paint job.




Jason Keam is a Long Beach, California character based painter and animator. He has has exhibited in the Juxtapoz Magazine and Adidas Skateboarding Showcase at Seventh Letter in Hollywood and a second time at the Juxtapoz Club House during Miami’s famed Art Basel. Keam has also executed large scale murals for international mural festival POW! WOW! Long Beach and Whole Foods 365. Most recently, he has designed a mural and created digital message emoji stickers for a Luxury mall in Hangzhou, China celebrating Christmas and Chinese New Year.





AISEBORN ["Ace-born"] developed as illustrator, graffiti writer, and fine painter in Los Angeles. His work defies physical boundaries, illuminating the essence of One. Known for his murals, which often include aerosol portraits, adorned with his classic one brush stroke techniques, he creates geometric illusions that propagate at rhythms intrinsic to nature. Captivating enough to stand alone, his circular framework, replicates the ingenuity of world symbols such as the Adinkranhene, Mandala, Flower-of-Life, Dream Catcher, etc.

Through study and practice, he demonstrates the fluid movements of an organism, capturing the morphological process of plant life and the emotional appearance of physiological expressions from the human subject. Foresight with design is fueled by observing the order in which organisms naturally grow while his portraits employ the human form with enriched motifs that radiate the essence of One.


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Mike Clary Just give me a razor blade, some tape and let me paint.

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Jeff McMillan was born in San Jose, California in 1977. He graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2004 with a BFA in Illustration. Since then he has been working as a freelance illustrator and painter. He has exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, as well as internationally. He has had the honor and pleasure of working with some notable clients such as Nike, Apple, The Gorillaz, Linkin Park, Disney, LA Galaxy, Mountain Dew, Justin Timberlake, Mike Tyson VANS, and Stance. Jeff has been a part of RVCA’s Artist Network Program since 2007, designing shirt graphics, artist lines and exhibitions. In 2015 he co founded The Draculas mural team and has worked with POW! WOW! Hawaii and other mural festivals and clients. He is also an instructor at Art Center and Cypress College teaching Illustration and Visual Development. Jeff lives and works in Long Beach with his wonderful wife Liv, daughter Elsa, and two disobedient ex-pageant Siamese cats.






Fernando Valdez, also known as “Menso One.”

The artist, based in Los Angeles, embodies the versatile styles of Southern California cultures, from the melting pot influenced by the street lifestyles, amongst gangs, lowriders, music, hip-hop, B-Boys, DJ’s, MC’s, taggers, crews, clicks, skaters, rave scene, punk rock shows, etc. - to every type of summit or any platform possible where the youth and movement was cultivating, for him art is the universal language.

A workhorse for two decades - he spent half of those years doing graffiti art and continues to make a name in the tattoo community for custom script lettering.

A portfolio of works based on walls using spray paint as the medium, it would reveal a unique style inspired by “stained glass” which has been catching the public’s eye with all of the murals he has accomplished around the city.




Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin aka “Woes Martin” was born on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, but spent most of his childhood growing up in Southern California then moving to Nevada before finally landing back into Hawaii during his Junior year in high school. It was during this time, he got into graffiti through hip hop culture Saturday morning cartoons, kung fu and comic books always had him involved in creating in some way.

In 1998 while a car accident changed everything; this life-threatening experience inspired him to leave the island once again, this time to Seattle, Washington discovering a new art movement that involved hip hop, punk rock, skating, graffiti, toys and design inspired him to create again. Engulfed by this new movement, Aaron followed along and was hooked. He then left back to Hawaii with a new perspective.

He had his first show in 2002 and has been showing in galleries across the United States, Southeast Asia, South Pacific and Europe. Appeared in many publications within the Art, Designer Toy and Hip Hop communities expanding his fan base even more. Aaron has worked with many companies involving designer toys, design and live works- Kidrobot, Disney/Mindstyle, Kampeon, Converse Red, Samsung, Kicks Hawaii, Fitted Hawaii, FLABSLAB Singapore and In4mation to name a few.

Along with his travel success his long time passion for toys has given him the opportunity to create his own, whether it be KidRobots Dunny platform or his own resin sculpture with his partner Palmetto of Silent Stage Gallery he’s covered grounds on all ends, you can find him at Comicon San Diego, Comicon New York, Designer Con Pasadena, Singapore Toy Con rocking custom vinyl toys, Resin figures and collaborations . His focal medium is acrylic paintings on wood and canvas. Using minimal colors and detailed character design, these paintings are usually comprised of stressed out emotional, aggravated pandas or bears. The pandas tend to represent the story of struggle, humble beginnings, and rolling with the punches. Hawaii to the mainland U.S. and across the globe he continues to leave his mark, connecting with other artist and other cultures has been his recent focus, experiencing life to the fullest and building on a worldwide plane.